Oxford Project on Charter School Facilities

Oxford-UniversityAs I come to the end of my studies in my graduate degree program in Strategy and Innovation at the University of Oxford, I have created a project to study the options available to charter schools looking to expand or build new facilities. The study will look into the current options available to charter schools (leases, bond financing, and traditional lending) and consider which options work best for certain types of schools. The study will also consider whether other options are available. I look forward to posting updates on these findings.

Travelogue: Oxford, Part 2

Tommy at Rad Cam

Study is at the heart of Oxford, and the building in this picture is where I choose to do it. This is the Radcliffe Camera, the famous (and very photogenic) old library building housing just a portion of Oxford’s huge collection of old and rare books. The majority of Oxford’s library is underground in a maze of tunnels and aisles, but there are a few old buildings like this where students can enter and exit the library complex, as well as little desks and alcoves perfect for reading. It is only accessible to students of the University, which means I will no longer be able to enter this building once my program is completed. For the time being, I am soaking it in as much as I can. The history and knowledge seems to radiate from the walls of old buildings like this.

Travelogue: Oxford, Part 1

TAF Ox pic academic

The times change, but traditions at Oxford do not. For every exam in our Strategy and Innovation program, we are required to wear a black suit, white shirt, white bow tie, and cap and gown. Dressed in this costume, we are led into an ancient building (much older than the one behind us in this picture) where we are seated with pen and paper and write essays as a proctor roams the aisles shouting “Silence!” if anyone makes too much noise adjusting in their seat or turning pages. As uncomfortable as that may sound, it is amazing to experience this tradition in the same way Oxford students have been taking exams for hundreds of years.